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  • Leather thickness

    Wanted to get some advice from the community around getting thinner leathers. I see a lot of products around, such as lined wallets which I assume must use very thin leather for the lining (lots of beautiful chevre lined items around!). For my local supplier I can get items close to 1mm but pretty much am stuck with whatever is in stock. I notice Rocky Mountain in the USA offers a splitting service which unfortunately I can't find a similar service here in Australia. What are most people doing in regards to getting thinner leather for projects? Many thanks in advance! Greg

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    Hi Greg. What I usually do is when I get a new shipment of alarm goat I take a few skins and have them split to 0.3/0.4 to use as linings for wallets and the inside of pockets. You can also do it yourself with smaller pieces on the skiver if you are really careful.


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      good day. I just started to learn the basics of working with the skin. tell me which hand tool is better and easier to reduce the skin thickness 1.0 -1.2. mm to 0.5-0.6. probably not using the correct skiver, but constantly damaging, cutting skin


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        Hi Alex.

        Do you mean the split the entire piece of leather evenly or just to skive the edges?


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          Good day. To make a thinner edge on chrome tanned leather

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          For a machine the Fortuna skiver is perfect. For a hand skiver the V. Blanchard is what I use.