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Learning stitching need most critical feedbacks

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  • Learning stitching need most critical feedbacks

    So I am getting into leatherwork that I have been passionate about for years. This is my very first stitching done last night. Please tell me what you think? what I can improve? what I am doing wrong? How I can improve?

    I decided to watch hours and hours of stitching to visualize first. What's next? (aside from practice)

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    Looks good. How does the back side look?


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      The only thing that really stands out to me that might need improvement is that I can still see the scratch line from your compass. I usually center my pricking iron along the line so it’s hidden when stitched. Also, I’m not sure what you’re planning on making, but to my eye the stitching looks a little far from the edge for that thickness of leather. Were you planning to trim it after? Just a couple things to consider. Overall, very nice. I wish my stitching looked that good when I first started.


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        thank you so very much for your feedback