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Leather suppliers in Europe

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  • Leather suppliers in Europe

    I thought I make a small list of a couple of leather suppliers in Europe (Tanneries listed here sell leather online.)

    AAcrack (Reseller, No moq, splitting service)
    Examples of products: Walpier, Badalassi Carlo, Horween, Zonta, D'annonay, Saint Crispin.

    La Perla Azzurra (Tannery, No moq, A lot of different weights.)
    Dakota in natural colors are really nice, vibrant colors look a little "plastic" in my opinion. Make a small order and ask for product samples (If you only order samples, you have to use your own courier (very expensive)

    Curtidoscarrasco (Reseller, No moq, A couple of different weights.)

    Marcus Gear (Reseller, No moq on products in stock)
    Example of products: Perlinger, Lowick, silk linings.

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    Thanks for sharing! It helps to have compiled this type of info.


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      Looking for a leather manufacturer/Factory in Portugal ?


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        I cannot believe how cheap leather is in Europe. I have to pay sometimes twice as much for half as much and lower quality.

        Any suggestions where I can get some high quality bridle English leather for briefcases?


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          Good stuff, tnx! I have recently found a leather handler from Wienna, Kolde Leder. Waiting for some samples from them right now. Anyone bought leather from them?