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    Hi all.....Could someone tell me what a good size oblong punch range is for watch strap buckle.s.... Probably for a 18-22mm buckle width? I've never made one before but my wife is asking me to make one for her apple watch. Thanks in advance!

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    Oblong punch for punching what exactly?


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      Are you talking about something like this?


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        It all depends on the buckle you are going to use (think you are referring to that kind of punch). Holes dimensions depends on the buckle too. In my personal opinion I don't like the buckle to have a lot of space to move in, I like it to be firmly set so I stitch as close as possible to it and I make the hole as taylored as possible. I don't normally use the standard, mostly used watchstrap buckle; I like the kind of clasp you find in most steel bracelets better (which doesn't require any hole).
        In watchmaking, to add the buckle to a strap that was not meant to be used with it (which so comes without any hole on top), we use a kind of plier specific for that kind of work. It allows you do make a hole the size you want on a "already-made" strap. Take a look at Bergeon (pricy) / Horotech (cheaper) websites to check it out.
        I'll upload a photo when I'll find one.


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          Hi everybody !!
          My first comment
          This look so nice but quite expensive. Ok if You wan´t consistent answer is this