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Need advice for piping/welt

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  • Need advice for piping/welt

    I am trying piping a round bag and am new to this.
    I wanted the advice of all those who are aware of this.

    Do you’ll use any cord when doing a piping? If you do, do you’ll use a plastic cord, foam cord or a 3-4 mil rope, or don’t use anything at all and just fold the leather .
    PeterNitz You have an video on Instagram and I thought I would ask here so others on the forum can also make use of your response.
    Did you use any cord/foam cord/rope or just folded the leather in this clip:

    I normally do small bags which won’t be larger than 20 cm.
    What is your advice on applying and stitching the piping neatly as you cannot really see the piping side until it is done and stitching thru layers is hard.

    last not least after sewing so many layers how do you hide all the interior exposed stitching ?
    Do you layer and stitch it with yet another thinly skived leather strap or some fabric?
    Would really appreciate your advice 🙏🏼