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    Hello everyone, I have just started leather crafting and have been purchasing tools as I need them for various projects I have worked on. Is there some rudimentary list of tools you should have? I have a number of CS Osborne punches I quite like, awls, needles, stitching wheel, slicker, bone folder, adjustable gouger, scissors, strap puller, skiver, letter punches, and others minor odds and sods. My question is about chisels (pricking iron) and edge bevels. I have a four tooth 3mm chisel (Craftool, I hate it) What is the most versatile size to begin with in both chisel and edge bevel? Thanks for any and all information you could give.

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    Kyoshin Elle edge beveler is a good choice (I still use them) (They are available in different sizes and a kit with three.)

    Stitching/pricking irons.
    Japanese budget (Still good)
    Japanese (I never used them, but people seem to like them)

    European budget (Still good I use them for 2.45/2.7mm He also sell a cheaper version which I haven't tried)

    Of course, there are a lot of other good alternatives out there.

    Regarding the sizes, it's a little hard to answer since it depends on what you are making, and the style you prefer.

    For smaller goods like wallets, watch straps and similar. Pricking iron 3.0/9spi is what I started with and it works well for those things.
    I have a couple of edge bevelers, I use the smallest one to "break" edges on veg tan, the thicker version I only use when I round edges on paddings for watch straps.


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      Thank you for the information Danne. I had my eye on the Crimson Hide pricking irons, as well as the Amy Roke irons. As I seem to make what friends and family want (mostly wallets, purses, laptop bags, flask sleeves, and dog leashes of all things), I was hoping to find a versatile size iron to start and then grow my collection over time. I will check out the Kyoshin Elle bevels. Thanks again.


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        I have Kevin Lee 3.85 irons and KS Blade 3.85 round dents. I have the higher end Kevin Lee pricking irons (he has 2 levels). Both are very high quality. Kevin Lee cost a lot less than KS. I like the grip on KS better, but I wrapped the KL irons in thin leather strips and it’s fine. I too started with Craft Tool and only use it to mark and not punch because I don’t like them anymore.
        Nigel Armitage has a big list of pricking irons. He also has reviews edge bevelers too. I have a cheap Tandy one and one by Palosanto. I love my Palosanto tools. I also have an awl, small knife and a French edger by them.
        I want to move to 3.38 or 3 for my next set.
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          Thanks for the information andimh, I looked at Palosanto from OA but will check out Nigel's irons. Thanks again.