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French style clams

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  • French style clams

    I've been stitching for years using a pony made by my father from the plans in Al Stohlman's The Art of Hand Sewing Leather. He also made me a French style clam which I've been using recently and I think I prefer this style now because I can see my pricking marks better without moving my head so much.

    So now I'm looking for a new higher quality French style clam. Does anyone have recommendations? Please post some photos if you can.

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    Hi Fannin, I just have tried a French clam from Vergez Blanchard. No picture yet, sorry.


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      I also use the standard french clam from Blanchard but also use a vintage Swiss army clam which I really love. Let me take a pic of it tomorrow.


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        Fannin, Here is a pic of my vintage Swiss Army clam. The shape of it is really comfortable to use. I should cover the tips in leather but never get around to it :-) Im not are what the little metal hardware piece on the inside was for.


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          Thanks Peter. That's a really cool clam. Did the same company that makes the knives make it? Any more info? The backstory would be interesting to know.