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  • Please help..

    Can someone please tell me what these are?
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    That appears to be a punch of some sort. That needle like thing would make a hole, I assume. However, that curved base confuses me. It appears that the tool was created for a specific purpose, though I cannot figure what that purpose would be.

    I note from the photo, that the tool was made in England. I can't quite tell; does it say "No. 774" at the pivot point, below the "Made In England"?

    I also took note of the rather unique grip pattern, with the circles, on the handles.

    I did some poking around the interwebs, and had almost given up, when I found a rotory punch on Ebay, with the same grip pattern. That rotory punch on Ebay was made by Maun Industries, who would have, almost certainly, made your mystery tool.

    Maun, based in England, is still producing tools. According to the website, they've been in the tool production business for 75 years. I looked through the website; they have a universal punch that is similar to your tool; same grip pattern. No luck on your specific tool, though, admittedly, I did not go through the entire website.

    However, I imagine that if you email a couple of pics to Maun Industries, someone there should know precisely what that thing is, and what one would do with it. My guess is that you may have an early version of the Universal Punch, with specific inserts that could be removed, and replaced with more recognizable inserts.

    A link to the Maun homepage:

    Should they enlighten you to the nature of your device, do post back. Now, I'd be interested in knowing what that is.


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      Looks like a punch for round leather sewing machine belt to put staple connector