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    It's Lougaya, I'm happy to join a community of people working and sharing their knowlegde about leathercraft.

    I have always loved being creative but I have always wanted to create things that are not only beautiful but also really useful. Disgusted by the industrial and consumerist world when I was a studying industrial design, I reoriented myself to specialize in natural crafts. I am passionate about all natural materials, vegetable fibres, wool, leather, wood, feathers, seeds... My personal objective is to gather as much useful know-how as possible in everyday life. I already practice basketry (baskets, hats, rugs...) and leather work (shoes and natural tanning). This year I would like to learn more about felt and yarn wool work, vegetable dyes and papermaking. There is so much to learn! What is really exciting for me is that by doing this, I also get to know the plants of my region, their virtues, their uses...

    In 2016, while I was looking for a way to earn an income in accordance with my values, I had the chance to meet an Amerindian of the Powathans lineage (Pocahantas tribe) who taught me how to make leather moccasins. Since then, I have made it my profession to sell these shoes in local markets and teach this know-how in small group workshops. I have not worn any other shoes since then and I am 100% satisfied with them. I realized that feeling the texture of the ground under my feet helps me to broaden my awareness of the world and I notice the same effects on everyone who walks barefoot or wears my moccasins. In short, I realize that I am guided to help people reconnect to the Earth, physically, energetically and consciously!

    In order to continue to give my time to the creation of my family and our ethno-botanical garden, I have decided to share my experience and know-how of moccasins in the form of online tutorials first in PDF and soon in VIDEO ! Indeed crafting is above all the mastery of a gesture which is better transmitted by seeing it done....

    There, you already know a little bit about me! To learn more about moccasins and grounding/earthing, and to receive access to my free tutorial to make your earthing leather sandals, I invite you to visit my website: [URL=""][/URL]